Stoney Lonesome Hare Scramble Rules

Stoney Lonesome MC follows AMA rules which can be found in the AMA Rulebook.

AMA membership is required to participate in an SLMC Harescramble.

Rule highlights and additional information unique to our series are outlined below.

Rider Safety and Equipment 

  • Riders MUST wear a helmet any time they are operating a motorcycle 
  • Boots and a helmet are minimum required equipment for all competitors 
  • Modifications to helmets, including attachment of foreign objects such as cameras or camera mounts, are not allowed 
  • Additional safety equipment is encouraged 
  • All riders must start the race with shatterproof goggles or face shield 
  • No pit riding or practice riding is allowed
  • All youth class racers must wear a chest protector, as required by the AMA

Sound Check

  • Motorcycles must pass sound check before registration 
  • Sound checks follow AMA regulations 
  • Regulations vary by motorcycle type and displacement – see AMA rulebook for details 

Race Course Marking

  • PeeWee race courses are marked with banner
  • Mini classes follow red Stoney arrows
  • Big bike classes follow blue Stoney arrows
  • Sections of the mini and big bike courses are shared and will have both red and blue arrows where they overlap
**In accordance with AMA rules, riders must not ride more than 20 feet from course marking arrows** 

Race Start, Duration, and Scoring 

  • The rider’s meeting takes place at the start line in the 15 minutes before the race begins 
  • Adhesive passive transponders are used for scoring, with manual scoring backup 
  • Transponders are provided for free to riders during registration and adhere to the helmet peak 
  • Transponders read the rider position and time at both Home Check and Woods Checks
  • “Home Check” is the main scoring building on the east end of the parking lot
  • Home check marks the completion of a lap and is the finish line at the end of the race
  • Riders do not pass through home check immediately after leaving the start line – they must complete one full lap to register a time
  • Woods checks are set up periodically along the race course to ensure riders do not cut the course; missing a woods check is an automatic DNF

Start Order

  1. Super Mini
  2. 85cc
  3. 65cc
  1. AA
  2. Open A
  3. Vet A, SR A
  4. Open B
  5. 250B
  6. Vet B, SR B
  7. Super Senior, Masters
  8. 250C
  9. Open C, Women
  10. First Year, Post Vintage
  11. Trail Rider

Race duration

  • ½ hour for PeeWee classes
  • 1 hour for Mini classes
  • 2 hours for Big Bike classes


  • 2 laps to go board and white flag for one lap to go signals riders that they are near the end of the race
  • The checkered flag is waved when the overall race leader passes through home check after race time elapses 

Post-Race Awards

  • Following each race, results are processed and an awards ceremony is held at the clubhouse
  • PeeWee Class: all racers receive a trophy
  • Mini and SuperMini Classes: one trophy for every 3 racers, rounded up, up to the top 5 places
  • Big Bike Classes: one trophy for every 3 racers, rounded up, up to the top 3 places
  • In an example such as a class with 7 riders, trophy count is rounded up to the next integer value so the top 3 places would receive trophies

Awards payback

  • AA class is 100% payback (50%/30%/20% for the top three, respectively)
  • No payback for any other classes

Stoney Lonesome Series Points and Banquet

  • Race results are posted to following the race
  • Riders must complete at least 1 lap or will receive a DNF
  • Riders must complete at least 50% of the laps of the leader in their class to receive points
  • Riders must finish at least one lap of at least 4 out of 5 races in any class to qualify for the year-end rider banquet
  • Rider points follow AMA guidelines shown below for each class:
  • Tie break follows the AMA recommendation found in Appendix 5.3 of the Competition Rulebook Rider Classification and Advancement
  • Rider advancement is enforced per AMA rules
  • Rider classification can be found via the AMA race center at
  • Stoney Lonesome relies on the honor system to ensure racers sign up for the correct class
  • Racers found to be taking advantage of this honor system may be required to move up to the correct class for the next race, resulting in series points split between classes
  • Enforcement is at the discretion of the Stoney Lonesome race committee