Started in the 1940's, Stoney Lonesome was one of the first motorcycle racing groups formed in Indiana. In the 1950's the club purchased the first piece of the property that has now expanded to over 300 acres.

Stoney Lonesome is located 6 miles West of Columbus, Indiana on U.S. Highway 46 and approx. 43 miles South of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Club events are a year round schedule of activities that seek to promote all aspects of motorcycling and the support of numerous charities.

The club is chartered by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and all members and public riders are required to be active members of the association.

Club Membership

The first thing you will need is a sponsor. If you know a club member, you can ask him/her to be your sponsor. Your sponsor will need to invite you to a club meeting at which time you may fill out a membership application. Your application will be filed in the order received and reviewed monthly in a regular club meeting. During this review your sponsor is expected to let the club know of your involvement activities. This is intended to give the members a feel for the quality of member you would be if voted in later.

The club has a member cap of 60 members with 4-5 prospective members typically on the waiting list. Those on the waiting list have a sponsor and have submitted an application.