AMA Rule Book

The American Motorcyclist Association takes pride in its long record of achievement as the world’s largest sanctioning body for the sport of motorcycle competition. Since 1924 the objectives of the Association have been the same: to foster strong and fair competition, to provide reasonable guidelines for the various types of competition, and to provide an impartial competition program.

It is every racer's responsibility to understand and abide by the rules of competition. The current online version supersedes any previous released versions of the rule book. Click the image to download the latest version of the American Motorcyclist Association's Rule Book.

General questions regarding the rule book should be directed to

AMA Helmet Ruling

In accordance with AMA rules, Stoney Lonesome abides by the Competition Bulletin issued regarding the restriction on helmet modifications

Please read and understand the ruling before you show up on race day so that you know what to expect.

AMA Recreational Riding Rules

Current AMA rules for Road, Dual Sport, Adventure, and Non-Race Off-Road riding. Just as above, the current online version supercedes any previous version. Please review before any Stoney Lonesome MC riding event so that you understand the rules.