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Eric Douglass and Vince Smith Land on the Stoney Rock

The fall weather provided for very frigid conditions to start the day, but quickly warmed up to perfect racing temperatures for the annual team race held the day after the series banquet. A complete lack of rain all week leading up to the race provided for great conditions on the property, once the leaves were blown off the track.

The Mini team racers faces were provided a 2.1 mile course that included a large section of asphalt milling piles leading into the home check. IT was exciting to see the mix of teams as the groups decided to match up a 65cc rider with a Super Mini rider and see how it all played out. One exception to this plan was with Garrett Mundy and Kenton Colemen who both mounted a Super Mini bike. Considering Coleman was racing with a cast on his clutch hand, all assumed it would even it all out. After almost two hours o racing, we had a tight battle for the win going into the white flag. Issac Langston and Coleman headed out for the final lap, with hopes of being the first to take the checkered flag. Langston finally caught Coleman and made the pass shortly before the final check and found himself and Grayson Fischer on the top spot for the day.

The adult race was all set to take off at 12:30 with over 200 riders staged for the three hour event. This years rider exchange area was located in a newly cleared out wooded area immediately following the home check with a dedicated bypass lane for those teams that wanted to run more than one consecutive lap. A lot of effort went into the exchange layout in an attempt to reduce the congestion seen in previous years.

The first few laps of the race were quite intense with riders flowing through the checks in wheel to wheel fashion. As the race progressed, it was interesting to see how each team strategy would influence the the predicted finish. The quest for the Senior 40+ class championship was quit exciting as we had a large group of Saddle Back East riders come up looking for bragging rights. We saw the gaps between teams vary a lot as the race progressed, but in the end, the top three teams were separated by two seconds each with Curtis Ryan and John Clark taking home the bragging rights for an entire calendar year.

The quest for the coveted rock ended with the team of Eric Douglass and Vince Smith claiming their spot in history. It didn't come easy as the team of Luke and Logan Chilman were a mere one minute behind after three hours of intense racing. Marty Michels and Clint Parker hung tough to round out the days top three overall.

Stoney Lonesome would like to thank all the dedicated racers that raced with us. In addition, we would like to Thank our Dedicated Sponsors for their support of the 2016 Stoney Lonesome Series !!

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2016 Stoney Lonesome MC TeamRace Rules

Team race classes
Youth race: 9:00am - 2hrs $20 per rider
"Mini Team" any combination of 65/85/105/150(4st)
"Mini Ironman" 65/85/105/150(4st)

Adult race: 12:30 - 3hrs $30 per rider
"Open Team" 86cc-Open
"250 Team" 86cc-250cc (both bikes must be less than or equal to 250cc)
"Senior 40+" both rider 40+ years old
"Ironman" (not eligible for the Rock"

All Bikes must pass through Sound Check before going to registration.

John Maschino takes the Race Overall Win and the 2016 Series Championship at Round #5

Round #5 of the 2016 Stoney Lonesome MC Harescramble Series was held Sunday September 11th in what turned out to be simply, fantastic conditions. Heavy rains pounded the surrounding areas Saturday afternoon, but completely bypassed the Stoney property setting up near perfect conditions for a final race.

Twenty PeeWee racers were presented with a completely rearrange starting area and several section on new and freshly cut trail. Jerry Stark has spent numerous hours grooming the trails in order to give these kids a real view of woods racing. The top four Pre Mix racers showed up at the home check in very tight wheel to wheel fashion indicating a potential great battle for the front spot. Jock Wilkerson had to lead role at the end of lap one, But lost it to Brody Amos by the end of the second lap. Amos appeared to be on a completely different level as he progressively gapped the other racers lap after lap. The race of the day was clearly for second place as we saw what appeared to be a position change almost every lap. In the end, Amos simply walked away with the win, and Jack Wilkerson landed in 2nd with Doc Smith close behind.

The Mini racers really had a tough time during the forth round due to some challenging hill climbs and slick trails and deep mud holes. The club took a different approach for the final round and kept the kids all high on the property, tightened up certain sections and reduced the length to just at 2.0 miles. This allowed for many more laps where the parents and family could watch their favorite racer. Landon LaMaster was looking for another runaway win, but Kenton Coleman was on the gas and applying plenty of pressure early in the race. LaMaster kept a cool head and ran consistent laps and slowly pulled away with a solid win in the Super Mini class and secured his 2016 Series Championship. In the 85cc class, Klay Hardin had a great ride and was able to take the win over some very good competition. Alec Sadler had already locked up the 65cc championship so he jumped up to the 85cc ranks and found himself taking home the second place spot, just in front of Carson Embree who also had an excellent ride finishing out the podium. Jack Joy was riding very well in the 65cc class, which he had to with both Grayson Fischer and Van Adams nipping at his heals. Jack was able to handle the pressure and take the win with Adams and Fischer rounding out the top three.

As was done with th youth track, we shortened up the adult track and went full speed with a 'high and dry' theme with hopes of ending the year on a good note regardless of Mother Nature. With countless hours put into preparing and protecting the track, the crew was convinced we were ready for either dry or rainy conditions. The trail was measured at only 5 miles, but had enough single track to slow it down and limit the number of laps for the planned 2 hour event. Following the National Anthem, the AA class of seven riders charged off the starting line at high noon, keeping with our tradition of starting on time. Shortly after that, the Open A class filed onto the trail with Marty Michael taking the holeshot and looking to reel in the front runners. You never know what to expect at the end of the first lap of a race, but it quickly became clear that it was going to be an intense day. It took less than 30 second for all seven AA riders to hammer through the check with Dillon Ramey leading the way followed by Steven Squire. A few reports of busted banner sent the course crew out looking for potential problem areas on the track. The issue was quickly found, corrected and all thing continued to progress in the proper manner. It is always interesting to hear the discussions later, but this simple fact remains - follow the arrows and there will be no issue.

The next couple laps continued to provide the spectators and crews with excitement as the front pack remained wheel to wheel and changing positions several times during the lap. At the mid way point of the race, we saw John Maschino start to open up a gap on he rest of the field. After the race, Maschino said "I realized my suspension seemed just perfect, so I decided to start pushing it". Michaels was ever so quietly sneaking up on the front AA rides and started to pick through them late in the race, stirring several discussions of a possible overall on adjusted time.

Maschino took the white flag and had a solid lead and only a need to maintain composure and run a smooth lap. Michaels eventually moved in the the second place overall in both time adjust and physical position on the track. Ramey continued to push the pace and was able to take home a 2nd place in AA behind Maschino and a 3rd place overall behind Michaels.

Maschino was very impressive winning the Overall and repeating as the 2016 Stoney Series Champion. It was a great end of the 2016 Stoney Series and we look forward to many more in coming years.

Stoney Lonesome would like to thank all the dedicated racers that raced with us. In addition, we would like to Thank our Dedicated Sponsors for their support of the 2016 Stoney Lonesome Series !!

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Eric Douglass puts on a clinic in brutal conditions at Round #4

Round #4 of the 2016 Stoney Lonesome MC Harescramble Series was held Sunday August 28th in humid conditions following a day of heavy thunderstorms.

Twenty one PeeWee racers all lined up for the riders meeting and the national anthem, all in hopes of claiming a victory. As we have seen in previous races, Jack Wilkerson jumped to an early lead and was riding like he had something to prove. Doc Smith was lagging behind early, but started chipping away at Wilkerson's lead as the race progressed. With the white flag, Smith was a only a few seconds behind, but unfortunately, he found himself tangled in some small trees and lost all hopes of taking his first win. Wilkerson continued his smooth execution and took another overall peewee win and extended his points lead.

The Mini track was significantly shorter in hopes of providing more laps for the youth riders and their parents. Unfortunately, the previous days rain made the off camber sections and a couple hill climbs extremely challenging. Landon LaMaster did not appear to have any issue with the conditions as he came through on lap one with a very large lead. As the race progressed, he slowly extended his lead to the point he lapped the entire field. In the 85 CC race, it was a close battle early on between Garrett Mundy and Klay Hardin. It wasn't long before Mundy was able to put together very consistent laps and walk away with the class win finishing eight laps, one more than second place. The 65CC riders were significantly challenged in the slick conditions. Grayson Fischer led the first lap, but was feeling the pressure of Alec Sadler only two seconds behind. Sadler took over the lead and created a big enough gap that he felt no pressure the rest of the race. Lane Smith had a horrible first lap, but slowly regained his composure and picked good lines allowing him to take second place away from Fischer and secure a spot on the podium. Fischer continued to ride a smooth race and finished out the 65CC podium line up.

The adult track was slightly over 6 miles with the start landing at the midway point of the course. Right off the start, the track dropped down to the old slab area which was followed by the famous club house hill climb. The first lap was much shorter than the rest, but we saw John Maschino charging hard and holding a 17 second lead over second place after approximately three miles of racing. As the racer progressed into the outer loop of the property, reports from the woods checks and course marshals were indicating a few bottlenecks and challenging hill climbs. The course marshals did a great job getting to the locations and finding alternative lines and routes through those areas. Maschino was continuing to impress with a commanding lead, but we started to realize that Eric Douglass was working his way forward and looking to close in on the lead. At the same time, Open A rider Marty Michaels was looking to take an overall spot with the time adjustment.

Douglass continued to click off consistent, smooth and faster laps allowing him to make a strategic pass on Maschino and assume the overall position. As the race progressed, it became apparent that the conditions were getting worse and a few low level areas and creek crossing were becoming very tough. Several riders decided to throw in the towel and call it a day, but those that stayed out had the opportunity to advance their position and improve their points standings.

Douglass took the white flag and could taste the victory that awaited, assuming he could eliminate all mistakes. Michaels had physically passed Maschino and was hoping for a chance to catch Douglass. Douglass continued a flawless ride and took the checkered flag and his first ever Overall Victory at Stoney lonesome after 2:04 minutes of racing. Michaels maintained the 2nd place overall with Maschino rounding out the third spot.

It was a great continuation of the 2016 Stoney Series and we look forward to many more.

Stoney Lonesome would like to thank all the dedicated racers that raced with us. In addition, we would like to Thank our Dedicated Sponsors for their support of the 2016 Stoney Lonesome Series !!

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John Maschino dominates Round #3 with the heat index well above 100 Degrees

Round #3 of the 2016 Stoney Lonesome MC Harescramble Series was held Sunday July 24th with the heat index at dangerous levels.

The PeeWee racers all arrived at the line in time for the standard riders meeting and the National Anthem. Eighteen youngsters all warming up their bikes in hopes of a class win. Jack Wilkerson minimized mistakes and built a significant lead on the field by the end of the first lap with Doc Smith and Brody Amos trying to pull it together and close the gap/ As the race progressed, Smith started to close the gap and reel Wilkerson in. It looked like it would be a last lap shootout when the white flag was given, but Smith made a mistake and Wilkerson cruised to his third consecutive victory.

The Mini racers track was stretched out to three miles with the course coming back up to the home check area at the midway point. This helped the parents see their young racers at least two times during each lap. Landon LaMaster once again took off at the green flag and was pouring it on. Kenton Coleman was running a distant second in the Super Mini class, but soon would start to close it in. It turns out, LaMaster hammered a stump late in the lap and popped his front tire, creating a challenge nobody enjoys. Fortunately for LaMaster, he was able to ride smart and maintain his composure and lead, taking the overall win. Klay Hardin rode a great race in the 85CC class taking with win and completing one more lap than second place. The 65cc class race really tightened up for the second place spot as Alec Sadler established himself very early. Van Adams and Lane Smith battled back and forth the entire race with Adams putting in a great last lap to secure the second spot on the podium with Smith coming in a close third.

The adult track covered a significant portion of the property and was six miles in length. This layout was more on the technical side with quite a few challenging hill climbs, log crossings and off camber hill sides. Considering the intense heat index and heat advisory, Stoney set up water stations along the course allowing riders to stop for a drink or a bottle of water down the back. This turned out to be a big hit as it does not take much time to get a drink or splash and the benefits are amazing. The green flag was thrown at noon and the AA class was off and running into the unknown. They quickly realized the need to really pay attention to the arrows and be very smart on line selection. As the others class rows headed into the woods, the spectators found their way to the mid track point in order to see how things were shaping up for their favorite ride.

At the end of the first lap, a couple riders notified the head check that some groups were struggling to follow the arrows and were finding their selves needing to circle back. The track crew quickly found were several banners had been blown down and were able to get them repaired and keep the race flowing. Unfortunately for those riders, they lost some valuable time.

The front leaders seemed to be switching back and forth taking turns leading through the fresh track with many elements just waiting to create that surprise. At the end of the first lap, John Maschino was out front, but had quite a bit of pressure from Tylor MAddox. At the end of the second lap, Maschino was expanding his lead and Smith had found his way around Maddox. As the race progressed, it became evident that the extreme heat was taking its toll on some of the field, while others apparently had the necessary conditioning and stamina. Maschino was the first rider to take the checkered flag followed by Smith over two minutes later. Maschino popped his helmet off, took a swig from his camelback and said"That was fun and my nice soft suspension was perfect". It was pretty exciting watching the other racers filter through the checkered flag and watch just how close the races were in all the classes.

Stoney was proud to welcome Rachel Gutish to the event as she is working to raise money and support for her 2016 ISDE efforts. Stoney was honored to have Rachel help us start the Mini race and then compete in the Adult race. Unfortunately, Gutish's race was ended early with a bad crash late in the race. Stoney would like to wish her well and encourage others to help support these local racers that will represent our country in this year's ISDE in Spain.

It was a great continuation of the 2016 Stoney Series and we look forward to many more.

Stoney Lonesome would like to thank all the dedicated racers that raced with us. In addition, we would like to Thank our Dedicated Sponsors for their support of the 2016 Stoney Lonesome Series !!

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Weiler takes the Overall in blistering heat at Round #2

The second round of the 2016 Stoney Lonesome Championship Harescramble Series was held on Sunday June 26th in blistering heat with high humidity. The property received heavy rainfall on Tuesday and Wednesday prior to the race, which helped reduce chances of dusty conditions.

The PeeWee had several new sections of fresh cut trails and some additional length compared to the first race. The conditions at 9am were just about perfect for the little racers that were all shooting for a class win. Jack Wilkerson and Brody Amos started the race in a pretty intense back and forth battle, this Doc Smith coming through almost a minute behind due to a nasty 'over the bars' crash shortly after the start. It did not take too long before Wilkerson established a comfortable lead on second place and for Smith to collect his composure and start mounting his charge. Late in the race, Smith had made his way around Amos, and was pressuring Wilkerson when the 2 lap board was given. In the end, Wilkerson was able to maintain his lead and take his second straight PeeWee victory at Stoney Lonesome.

The Mini racers faced a 2 mile track routing through quite a bit of 'fresh'-old trails. This type of layout really challenged the kids ability to pay attention, pick good lines and FOLLOW THE ARROWS. Round #1 winner, Landon LaMaster, was coming into round #2 with a foot injury from a training accident. It was very clear at the end of the first lap, that the injury was not affecting his racing ability as he established a huge lead and held it with ease throughout the race. The 85cc class was once again the filled with strong talent resulting in great racing and jockeying for positions. Jackson Fischer and Garrett Mundy went back and forth leading the race early on, until Fischer finally took the lead mid way through the race and held on for a win, by a mere 0:54. The 65cc class also had a lot of lead changes with Alec Sadler, Grayson Fischer and Van Adams all taking their turn leading the race. Sadler emerged as the leader on the one lap that matters the most and took the win. Fischer emerged in the 2nd place position with Adams rounding out the top three.

The adult race was 20 minutes from the flag drop, when the skies opened up and a tremendous downpour occurred for about 10 minutes. Many wondered what impact it would have on the race, but did not deter anyone from proceeding as planned. The flag was thrown on schedule and the race was kicked off with 109 riders facing what would turn out to be a very fun, but technical trail covering several sections of the property including the famous Coxy's hill. John Maschino took an early lap lead on the AA class, but came through at the end of the first lap in 3rd place behind Anthony Wagler and the leader, Preston Weiler. The layout of the trail brief downpour appeared to have the AA class riding conservative as we saw the Open A class coming through right on the rear wheels of the front row. As the confidence in the conditions and the flow increased, the AA class quickly separated themselves from the Open A riders, with the exception of one rider, Marty Michels. We saw Michels pressuring the AA class for most of the race. At the midway point in the race, Maschino and Weiler were still positioning for the lead, but had plenty of pressure from Sam Mattingly and Michels.

In addition to the battle for the overall win, there were may other class races shaping up to be very exciting. The Vet B class had a close race throughout with Marcus Meadows and Jason Russell going back and forth every lap with Russell finally outlasting Meadows for the class win. The 250B class came down to the last corner prior to the no passing zone with Korbin Roth edging out Casey Moore for the win. Many more examples exist and can be seen by looking through the Online race results.

Weiler took the white flag with Maschino literally right on his rear wheel and looking for the opportunity to make a pass or capitalize on a mistake. Lurking in the background was Michels looking for a shot at the overall with time adjustment. At the checkered flag, Weiler emerged victorious with Maschino coming in 2nd overall. Michels was able to hang close enough to land in the 3rd place overall and a class win in Open A.

It was a great continuation of the 2016 Stoney Series and we look forward to many more.

Stoney Lonesome would like to thank all the dedicated racers that raced with us. In addition, we would like to Thank our Dedicated Sponsors for their support of the 2015 Stoney Lonesome Series !!

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Stoney/Saddleback honor Ryan Sipes at Round #1

Stoney Lonesome joined with Saddleback East in an effort to honor the 2015 ISDE Champion, Ryan Sipes. Ryan took time to meet with riders, sign autographs, actually start the races and hand out the trophies. We appreciate Ryan taking the time to connect with local riders and share his experiences being the first American to every win the International Six Days Enduro.

Stoney Lonesome open the 2016 season with a rained drenched property that was sure to challenge the racers in every aspect. The club grounds received some rain late Friday evening and into Saturday morning leading up to the start of the 50cc PeeWee race.

The PeeWee racers were presented with a completely new layout consisting of a 1 mile course weaving through the woods up on the high ground. It became quickly apparent that the little 10 and 12 inch wheels presented challenges on a hill climb leading up to the home check. In the PeeWee Pre-Mixed class, Doc Smith and Jack Wilkerson separated their selves from the rest of the group. It would prove to be a great race with wheel to wheel action throughout the 30 minute race. Doc held the lead early on, but too many mistakes allowed Jack to capitalize and take over the lead. Doc tried to force the pass several times, but found himself picking up his bike from the ground and then resuming the chase. In the end, Jack was able to maintain his composure and ride smooth all the way to an overall victory with Doc taking 2nd only 21 seconds behind.

The Mini racers faced a 2 mile trail that presented tight single track, open ridge trails, a mud hole and a challenging hill climb. Landon LaMaster quickly established his dominance in the race and simply checked out and rode a flawless race. Behind him, however, there was some really good racing with several 85cc riders making their way into the supermini riders and looking for that overall podium spot. Preston Rechenbach was looking great early on in the supermini ranks, but faded as the race progressed allowing Kenton Coleman to take over the 2nd place in the class as well as the overall. Garrett Mundy and Jackson Fisher were charging hard back in the 85cc race and pushed each other hard enough to end up 3rd and 4th overall with Fisher only 22 seconds back from Mundy. The 65cc class was a little more spread out with many of the little bikes struggling in the slick conditions. Alec Sadler clearly had it figured out as he cruised to a class win and a 6th place overall. Last years PeeWee overall winner, Van Adams, stayed strong the entire race and landed in the 2nd place position with Lane Smith rounding out the 65cc podium.

The adult race was kicked off with 9 AA riders all looking for that overall win and claiming a piece of the cash prize. Eric Douglass charged out strong on his KTM 2 Stroke, but was closely followed by John Maschino on his Yamaha. The rest of the field worked their way into the slick conditions ready to face the 5.4 mile course that was full of challenging terrain and log crossings. The previous evenings rain helped to create some challenging mud holes that required exact line selection.

As the front runners started filtering into the home check, it became clear that the course was truly challenging, tight and technical given the lap times. Eric Douglass led the lap with Maschino and Anthony Wagler in close pursuit. Douglass maintained th elead until Chris Douglass took over as the front running during the third lap. At the mid way point, Chris Douglass, Eric Douglass and John Maschino were our podium runners. It was clear that the challenging course was taking it's toll on the racers as many filtered back to the parking lot while the others simply kept charging, but at a slower pace.

Chris Douglass took the white flag with Eric Douglass only a minute behind. The race was significantly tightening up for third place with John Maschino hold a mere 20 second lead over Steven Squire. As the scoring crew was preparing for the expected checkered flag, there were questions starting to raise as we were over a minute late for the leader. Soon after, the roar of Chris Douglass's 450 Suzuki was almost drowned out by the piping sound of Eric Douglass's 2 Stroke right on his back wheel. Chris found himself stuck on the last lap and lost the lead, temporarily. It was an impressive race to the finish line with Chris barely edging out Eric Douglas for the overall. A few minutes later, Steven Squire emerged as the final podium spot, proving too much for Maschino to hold off.

It was a great start to the 2016 Stoney Series and we look forward to many more.

Stoney Lonesome would like to thank Ryan Sipes, Saddleback East and all the dedicated racers that raced with us. In addition, we would like to Thank our Dedicated Sponsors for their support of the 2015 Stoney Lonesome Series !!

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Stoney Lonesome and Saddleback Motorcycle Clubs Honor Ryan Sipes

In Honor of the 2015 ISDE Championship and AMA Athlete of the year, Saddleback East and Stoney Lonesome Motorcycle Clubs are pleased to welcome Ryan Sipes to the opening round of the 2016 Stoney Lonesome Championship Harescramble Series.

Ryan will be at Stoney Lonesome on Saturday May 21st for a meet and greet, autograph session, general insights from these incredible accomplishments as well as participating in the race itself. We will have posters available for autographs as well as ISDE commemorative shirts for purchase. All proceeds will go toward helping Ryan with his 2016 efforts to repeat as the only American to win the ISDE.

This is a great opportunity to meet a legend and support his efforts for 2016. Maybe even a chance to challenge him for a Stoney win……

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